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I'm Hayley

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After 2 months of daily phoenix I finally ‘got lost.’
The cutscene was super laggy and I lagged out as soon as I appeared in the egg room.
It kicked me outside, with no egg.
I’m crying.



Tindies appreciation post v2

this is beautiful

Hayyleys April Runescape goals.

zack-rs asked: Hey i'm curious, are you still alive?




Happy 1 year birthday to the incredibly talented and lovely hayyleyrs!


Today exactly a year ago i joined the #Runescape tag. I never knew how much a of a family It was, I thought i’d just become a wallflower and nobody would really even bother to follow me.

Now a year on I am part of a loving clan, have amazing friends, achieved my rs goals and just love you guys for all the support you’ve given me ;~;

Thankyou for a fantastic year #runescape, It was a tough one for me moving countries and all. Thankyou for being such fabulous friends. I miss posting but hey, real life needs attention when you have a wedding to plan. ;~)

Stay cute friends ~ <3

update thing

Ok guys, I’ve decided to leave this blog as is, I won’t be posting on here again for a while tho. however I will probably go back to posting and updating my other blog.

If you want to check out what i’m up too etc you can follow me on there, If not, then i’ll see’ya later.

I’ll still be on rs - just not as much as i used too, feel free to pm me and stuff when I’m on.

You’re all fab, sorry I have to leave my rsblog but it’s real-life time ~ Baiii \o/

Okay so, due to real life things I’m gonna have to stop blogging/ playing rs for a while.
My question is, what should I do with hayyleyrs?

  1. Should I deactivate it
  2. Password protect or
  3. leave it as is

help friends, does anyone even look at my blog? L 

Successfully recovered my first ever account.
omg the nostalgia.

kezy-rs asked: How do you make your Runey gifs? :o

Hypercam 3 and Photoshop CS6

can you not.


Just being cool n stuff with ma Twindie hayyleyrs

o dat me